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  • Please note that we are moving to a new office on May 29th, 2015.

    Our new address will be:
    121 King Street West
    Suite 1810, Toronto, ON
    M5H 3T9

Who We Are

Navigator is Canada's leading high-stakes public strategy and communications firm. We take proven campaign tactics and apply them to issues where success is critical and you can't afford to lose.

Our Services
24/7 National Support

Our Insights

Whether we’re providing commentary on the day’s political events, sharing our research with Canada’s top public affairs publications, or discussing the latest social media advocacy trends, we always have something to say.

Jaime discusses debates and campaign ads on the Insiders
Jaime joints the CBC's Insiders panel to discuss how candidates prepare for electoral debates and what strategies they use throughout the discourse. The panel also examines the use of pre-election television ads and what Canadians can expect from the parties. Aired on May 25,...

Our Team

Dynamic approach

We understand the importance of assembling a team quickly to tackle an issue and to focus our energies, not on issues of hierarchy and process, but on the problem at hand. We are a rapid response team — every member is ready for action the moment the project is launched.

Seasoned professionals

Our team is comprised of leading thinkers and movers in variety of communications disciplines. From research to strategy to social, we get the interconnectedness of complex problems and have the experience it takes to help you solve them.

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Will Stewart

Managing Principal

Global Citizens

Navigator takes great pride in contributing to our community and the world. We provide ongoing support to a host of charities, both as a business, and as individuals. In addition we’re taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint, and take pride in supporting the arts in meaningful ways.

  • Featured Artist

    On a rotating basis, Navigator invites young artists to display their work in our lobby and offer it for sale to our clients and friends. Artists featured have included Toni Wallachy, Sean Galbraith, Olena Sullivan, Marie Finkelstein, and Stan Olthuis.

    Currently featured in our Toronto office is the work of Stan Olthuis. Stan takes inspiration from the city streets. Learn more about Stan's work here.

  • Going Green

    Navigator understands the importance of being a global citizen. We have undertaken initiatives to better manage our footprint and reduce our environmental impact. Our Toronto office is Bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity. We offset our carbon emissions though a partnership with Tree Canada, recycle all used electronics, and use EcoLogo certified cleaning products to reduce our impact.

  • Giving Back

    We are proud to support local and national charities that meaningfully impact members of our community. Additionally, many of our team members volunteer their personal time to meaningful programs and charities. Click here to learn more.