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Posted on January 12, 2018

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading this week!

White House Doesn’t Deny Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Immigration Remark | Politico

Trump Said ‘Hate Filled Things,’ Repeatedly Mentioned ‘S—holes,’ Says Senator Who Was There ~ Responding to the furor on Friday, Trump said on Twitter that his language was “tough,” but “this was not the language used.” He did not specifically deny using the word “s—hole” | Toronto Star

Senator Insists Trump Used ‘Vile and Racist’ Language | The New York Times

A Racist In The Oval Office | The New Yorker

The Unpresident: Why Donald Trump Will Never Change | TIME

Trump Échoue À Bloquer Un Livre Sur Le «Chaos» De Sa Présidence | La Presse

Liberals Consider Pot Pardons When Cannabis Becomes Legal ~ Government plans to legalize, regulate marijuana by July this year | CBC

Dropbox Has Filed Confidentially For IPO, Report Says | Fortune

Michelle Williams Is The Last Straw — Hollywood Needs A New System | CNN

Golden Globes Shows Gender Parity Fight Starts With The Greenlight | Variety

Trois Astuces Pour Éviter Les Fausses Nouvelles ~ Ou comment éviter de vous faire corriger dans la section commentaires de votre plus récent partage sure Facebook. Notre nouvelle collaboratrice Camille Lopez inaugure la chronique Venons-en aux faits! | L’Actualite

Budget De Montréal: Valérie Plante Brise Une Première Promesse ~ A 3,3%, la hausse moyenne de taxes sera plus élevée que l’inflation | Le Devoir


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