The May 25 Edition

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Posted on May 25, 2018

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading this week!

Manhunt After Bomb Detonated Inside Ont. Restaurant | CTV News

Read The Letter President Trump Sent Kim Jong Un Canceling The Singapore Summit | TIME

NFL Owners Say Players Must Stand For The National Anthem | CNN

Royal Wedding 2018: Everything You Need To Know | Vogue

President Trump Can’t Block Twitter Users, Federal Court Rules | Variety

30-Year-Old Who Was Evicted By Parents Says He’s Not A Millennial Because He’s Conservative | TIME

Democrat Stacey Abrams Aims To Become The First Black Female Governor Of Georgia | Toronto Star

Référendum Historique Sur L’Avortement: Les Irlandais Votent | Le Devoir

Harvey Weinstein Arrested And Handcuffed On Rape Charges In New York | The New York Times

Behind The Scenes Of Harvey Weinstein’s Arrest | The New Yorker

Facebook Et Twitter Adoptent Des Règles Plus Strictes Pour Les Publicités Politiques | CBC Radio-Canada

Samsung Condamnée À Payer 533 Millions À Apple Pour Violation De Brevet | CBC Radio-Canada

How An Alexa Speaker Recorded And Shared A Private Conversation ~ Alexa has many talents. Amazon’s voice assistant can play music, set timers, order a pizza, and send recordings of private conversations to random people in its users’ contact list | CNN

Where Legalization Falls Short ~ On this episode of Legalized, we examine the criticism and complaints that many professionals and politicians have with the current cannabis legislation, Bills C-45 and C-46 | Navigator Ltd.

Ontario’s Least Worst? Polls And Undecided Voters ~ Navigator’s Executive Chairman Jaime Watt joins CBC Radio’s Metro Morning to discuss the upcoming June 7 election, which is now just two weeks away. Jaime talks voter turnout, undecided voters and what each party has to do to win them over | Navigator Ltd.

Internal Alberta Politics ~ Randi Rahamim joins The Morning Show’s panel to discuss the brewing court battle between British Columbia and Alberta. Plus: the North Korea summit | Navigator Ltd.

How Parties Are Influencing Voters ~ Randi Rahamim joins CBC News to discuss the upcoming election and the parties’ use of social media | Navigator Ltd.

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