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Posted on October 21, 2016

A Kink in the Hyperloop ~The dream of zipping from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes has run into a few speed bumps.

‘Black Mirror’ Is Back, Reflecting Our Technological Fears | NPR

The Anti-Helicopter Parent’s Plea: Let Kids Play! ~A Silicon Valley dad decided to test his theories about parenting by turning his yard into a playground where children can take physical risks without supervision. Not all of his neighbors were thrilled. | The New York Times Magazine

A Stranger in the World: The Memoir of a Musician on Tour ~The Hold Steady’s Franz Nicolay on DIY touring in the punk underground of the former Soviet Union.

The society crasher: How one man has been living Toronto’s high life — allegedly without paying for it | National Post

What Happened to Eastern Airlines Flight 980? ~Conspiracy theories have flourished in the aftermath of the crash of Eastern Air Lines Flight 980. Two friends from Boston decided to figure out what really happened. Illustration: Robert Harkness

Laneway homes remain a rarity in Calgary but this family finds value in theirs | CBC

EpiPen Nation ~what it means to live with a fatal food allergy | The Walrus

Welcome to Rao’s, New York’s Most Exclusive Restaurant ~A legal tussle between co-owners (and cousins) Frank Pellegrino Sr. and Ron Straci has brought storm clouds to the impenetrable New York institution where many would love to eat but almost none can get a table. But, as Alex Witchel reports, its patina—equal parts garlic and glamour—endures well into its next century. | Vanity Fair

In the Death Zone ~Confronting the true danger on top of the world’s tallest mountain

Bernie Looks Ahead ~In an in-depth interview, Sanders offers a candid and passionate assessment of Trump, Clinton, and the future of his movement. | New Republic

I Published My Debut Novel to Critical Acclaim—and Then I Promptly Went Broke ~On the dark side of literary fame. | Marie Claire

The white flight of Derek Black | The Washington Post

Mystic Nights ~The Making of Blonde on Blonde in Nashville | Oxford American

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