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Posted on October 20, 2017

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading this week!

This week’s Navireads was compiled by Lou-Joris Lavoie-Rondeau.

Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Claim Gets Believed: Almost Half Of Voters Say Media Make Stories Up About Him | The Daily Mail

Trump, NBC And Fake News ~ A plurality of voters agree it’s a problem, but don’t think punishing broadcasters is the solution | The Wall Street Journal

5 Ways To Tell If The News You’re Reading Is Fake ~ In this digital wild west, it’s our responsibility to figure out if what we’re reading is real, or risk being hoodwinked | The Huffington Post

L’Ère Des Fake News. “Nous Pouvons Faire Beaucoup Contre Ce Fléau” | Courrier International

Canada’s Rocky Road Journey To Legalising Cannabis ~ As the first major economy in the world is on the brink of legalising cannabis, is Canada ready for the drug to be commodified and sold as a named brand? | The Independent

Google’s Founders Wanted To Shape A City. Toronto Is Their Chance. | The New York Times

If NAFTA Dies, Old Canada-U.S. Trade Deal Would Live On, Right? Not So Fast, Canada ~ There may not be any insurance policy if NAFTA collapses | The Huffington Post

Les Changements Climatiques Au Coeur Des Décisions De La Caisse De Dépôt | Le Devoir

When Kickstarter Isn’t Enough | The Globe and Mail

Harvey Weinstein’s Former Employees Reckon With What They Knew And What They Didn’t | The New Yorker

Gord Downie Dies At 53: The Tragically Hip Frontman Was More Than Just A Rock Star ~ Downie’s last year was defined not by resignation but by joy and enthusiasm. That was the prevailing register of the farewell tour: he seemed ecstatic, impassioned | The National Post

EU Leaders Aim To Let Theresa May Down Gently Over Trade Talks ~ PM’s counterparts at summit will refuse to widen Brexit negotiations but talk up her efforts for fear of weakening her further | The Guardian

Incoming New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, Youngest In 150 years, Draws Trudeau Comparisons | The Globe and Mail

China’s Xi Sells His Vision Of New Socialism To The World | The Globe and Mail

Toronto’s Winter Forecast Calls For Tons Of Snow | BlogTO

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