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Posted on February 2, 2018

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading this week!

Could Price Manipulation Be Killing Bitcoin? ~ As the cryptocurrency market gets more financially complex, it’s also becoming more volatile | Vanity Fair

Facebook Bans Ads Promoting Cryptocurrencies | CNN

Bitcoin Investors Have Lost Nearly $87 Billion This Year | Fortune

India Turns Against Bitcoin But Embraces Blockchain | Bloomberg

Perfectionism Is Increasing, And That’s Not Good News | Harvard Business Review

Arnold Witzig, Simi Sharifi Donate Their $60M Fortune To Arctic Development Fund ~ “We have an affinity and understanding of the Canadian Indigenous people, their history, their culture” | Huffington Post

Facebook’s Experiment In Ad Transparency Is Like Playing Hide And Seek ~ Starting in Canada, Facebook is rolling out a global program to prevent foreign meddling in elections. Ads targeted to a narrow audience may be seen by other Facebook users – if they look hard enough | ProPublica

Senate Passes Bill To Make O Canada Lyrics Gender Neutral ~ ‘I believe the Canadian public wanted a say in our national anthem,’ Conservative Senator Don Plett says | CBC News

Behind Pence’s Plan To Rescue The Republican Majority In 2018 ~ In an exclusive interview, the vice president said the GOP could expand its majorities in Congress with his team’s campaign strategy | Politico

The Anxiety Of The Olympics In Korea | The New Yorker

Consultations Prébudgétaires De Leitao: Les Demandes Fusent De Toutes Parts ~ Et ces demandes vont parfois à l’opposé des intentions déjà manifestées par le gouvernement | Huffington Post

Le Projet Northern Pass D’Hydro-Québec Rejeté Par Le New Hampshire | CBC Radio


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