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Posted on June 1, 2018

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading this week!

Canada’s Economy Disappoints With Slowest Growth In 2 Years ~ The housing slowdown took a bite out of economic activity | The Huffington Post

Roseanne Barr Just Used The ‘Ambien Defense.’ So Have Accused Murderers And Drunk Drivers | TIME

Roseanne: What’s Next For The Cancelled Sitcom’s Stars? ~ The Roseanne comeback was all going so well – until Roseanne Barr’s now infamous tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett led it to be cancelled | BBC

Roseanne: Victory Over Intolerance? ~ Randi Rahamim joins The Morning Show’s panel to discuss Roseanne’s cancellation following the star’s racist tweet, plus the Liberal government’s pipeline announcement | Navigator Ltd.

Poll: Trump’s Tweets Damage The Nation | Politico

Trump Imposes Steel And Aluminum Tariffs On Canada, Rejecting Trudeau’s Pleas | Toronto Star

Ce Que Les Différents Partis Proposent À La Communauté LGBTQ De L’Ontario | CBC Radio-Canada

He Fled The Ash That Buried Pompeii, Only To Be Crushed By A Rock ~ Archaeologists in Italy found the skeleton of a man protruding from a huge block of stone, almost 2,000 years after he died | The New York Times

The Science Of Cannabis ~ This week on Legalized, we take a step back from the politics and legality of cannabis and look at the science behind the plant | Navigator Ltd.

One Year Of Scheer ~ Amanda Galbraith joins CTV Power Play’s Strategy Session to discuss party support throughout the country, as well as the pipeline and how Andrew Scheer has fared over the last year as leader of the Conservative Party | Navigator Ltd.

The Final Pitch ~ Colin MacDonald joins CTV News for a post-debate panel to discuss last night’s fiery leaders’ debate, which is the final one before voters head to the polls | Navigator Ltd.

Why Amazon Prime Should Be Free To Everyone | CNN

La Pression Populaire Pour Lutter Contre L’Obsolescence Programmée | Le Devoir

Mohamed Salah Will Be Fit To Play In World Cup, Says Egyptian FA | The Guardian


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