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Moral Judgement

Great Expectations

Moral Vision

When Marcel Met Kent
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Summer 2018 Issue 9

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01.Moral Hazard

Corrective Lenses

IF THERE IS ONE THING we have all learned through the remarkable events of the past several months, it’s the…


02.Moral Judgement

Great Expectations

“The one and only social responsibility of business is to increase profits.” That assertion by American economist and Nobel laureate…


03.Morality Play(s)

Highlighting the Hidden Cost of Harassment

The Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy. Fox News reported a special $50-million line item in its financial statements for settlement of…


04.Moral Capitalism

Tales from the Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have been making headlines for a couple of years, but many people remain confused. Navigator asked Don Tapscott, founder…


05.Moral Highground


As government-licensed cannabis growers scramble to build brand and market share, provincial retailers across the country are preparing to stock…


06.Moral Compass

A Conversation with the Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr

Federal approval for the Kinder Morgan pipeline was the beginning, not the end, of a long process. It has strained…


07.Moral Majority

Voluntarily Vulnerable

When it comes to social media platforms, angst can eclipse reality It all sounded so shocking at first. A whistleblower…


08.Moral Majority

Plus ça change

While the run-up to the Ontario election has generated drama and headlines, Quebec has been quietly preparing for a potential…


09.Moral Diplomacy

One To Watch… Camilla Sutton

For as long as Camilla Sutton can remember, she has loved the constant pulse of markets as they monitor the…


10.Moral Capital(s)

Postcard from…

  Vancouver Hey Jaime, All of us love a bit of drama, especially when it involves some family intrigue. But…


11.Moral Subjectivism

Mindful Diversions

Values and integrity are shaping the new corporate agenda as stakeholders demand that corporate leaders demonstrate social responsibility. The relentless…


12.Moral Vision

When Marcel Met Kent

French author Marcel Proust is famous for his gentle remembrance of things past, his eponymous character-revealing questionnaire and his love…


13.Moral Outrage

Rush Hour

The race to judge others may be rooted in fear. But it increasingly poses a threat to the rules that…