Ontario Election Special: Ford’s Transition to Power

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Posted on June 14, 2018

This week on Political Traction, we have another episode in our Ontario election series.

In the wake of the Ontario provincial election and the transition from a Liberal government under Kathleen Wynne to a Progressive Conservative government under Doug Ford, Navigator conducted a province-wide research project.

We did this to find out why Ontarians voted the way they did.

We presented the research results as part of a Live stream – What Just Happened?

This episode is a conversation with event panelists:

  • Jean Charest, Partner at McCarthy Tetrault, and former Premier of Quebec;
  • Jan De Silva, President of the Toronto Region Board of Trade; and,
  • Shelly Jamieson, former Head of the Ontario public service.

You can watch our full recorded live stream online at our website: www.navltd.com


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