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Posted on March 24, 2017

Defiant London picks up the pieces after terrorist attack | The Globe and Mail

The Guardian view on terror in London: standing together against cynicism Editorial | The Guardian

Londoners share images of unity and strength after Westminster attack | BBC

Margaret Atwood on What ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Means in the Age of Trump | The New York Times

The Wildest Party on Earth ~The craziest rock-climbing event in the world happens annually in the Ozarks of Arkansas, in a u-shaped canyon with enough routes for 24 straight hours of nonstop ascents. They call it Horseshoe Hell, but don’t be fooled: for outdoor athletes who love physical challenges with some partying thrown in, it’s heaven. | Outside

The strange case of the phantom Pokemon ~In August 2016, a woman claimed to have been attacked by a real Pokemon. Her terrifying hallucination reveals the mysterious ‘twilight zone’ between waking and sleep — a strange state of consciousness that may also lie behind various phenomena, from the Salem Witch Trials to alien abductions. Psychologist Matthew Tompkins explains. | BBC

The Hollywood Exec and the Hand Transplant That Changed His Life | Los Angeles Magazine

How to speedread the federal budget ~Some tips on how to bypass the fluff, and get to what matters most in the budget document. | Policy Options

Sorry for the Delayed Response | The New Yorker

The NBA’s Secret Addiction ~How one performance-enhancing sandwich has spread through the NBA. | ESPN

Kellyanne Conway Is the Real First Lady of Trump’s America | Daily Intelligencer

Social media’s effect on democracy is ‘Alexander Hamilton’s nightmare’ ~Cass Sunstein wants you to get out of your bubble. In fact, the Harvard Law School professor says that democracy depends on it. | Quartz

The Strange, Spectacular Con of Bobby Charles Thompson ~Donors all over America opened their wallets for his United States Navy Veterans Association. Politicians all over Washington posed for grip-and-grins with him. But not only was he not a legitimate fundraiser for military families—he wasn’t even Bobby Charles Thompson. A look inside the hunt to catch one of the country’s biggest con men. | Washintonian

John Hinckley Left the Mental Hospital Seven Months Ago ~Can a man who tried to murder a president be rehabilitated? | New York

Why this Persian New Year is different | CNN

Who Killed the Smart Gun? ~Motherboard

Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Owe Anybody Even a Single Dollar ~Before he was the guy from Parts Unknown, he was 44, never had a savings account, hadn’t filed taxes in 10 years, and was AWOL on his AmEx bill. That turned out to be a great financial education. | W Magazine

The Meanings of Ivanka and Justin Side by Side on Broadway | The New Yorker

Let’s listen to some remarkably soothing, slowed-down Windows start-up sounds | AV Club

Drake’s 21,000-Square-Foot Mansion in Toronto Is Captured by Drone Video | Architectural Digest

A runner’s guide to the perfect shoe | The Globe and Mail

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