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Posted on November 30, 2018

There’s Mueller. There’s Springsteen. There’s electromagnetic resistance. There’s Flowbuilt. There’s Mariah. There’s Bernie. And LPs, they just sound BETTER. In other words, we’ve got it all! Get those cozy socks on and sit by the fire for this edition of Navireads. Happy Friday!

  • Robert Mueller’s Endgame May Be in Sight ~ History may show that Monday ranks among the most consequential days yet of Robert Mueller’s 18-month special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. | The Atlantic
  • Les engrais azotés, providence devenue poison ~ Éléments-phares de la « révolution verte », pesticides et engrais de synthèse ont permis de relever le défi alimentaire posé par l’explosion démographique au XXe siècle. Mais le recours généralisé à ces produits provoque des dégâts majeurs sur la santé des agriculteurs comme sur l’équilibre de l’environnement. Apprendre à limiter leur usage représente l’un des impératifs de l’agriculture au XXIe siècle. | Le Monde diplomatique
  • Inside the Great Electromagnetic Resistance ~ One fall day in the early 1990s, in the basement of an old Staten Island home, 8-year-old Ashley Portman was electrocuted. A combination of factors were to blame: the faulty wiring of an old house, the curiosity of a child left to her own devices, the intrigue of endless rooms, and the lure of unfamiliar odds and ends belonging to a distant family friend. | Narratively
  • Forever Mariah: An Interview With an Icon ~ Following the release of her latest record, Caution, the pop legend discusses her life and art in this career-spanning interview. | Pitchfork Media
  • Inside Bernie Sanders’s Head ~ The discussion the most popular democratic socialist in America is having over his political future. | NYMagazine
  • The 100 greatest innovations of 2018 ~ The 31st annual Best of What’s New awards. | Popsci
  • BENEATH THE SURFACE OF BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ~ For more than fifty years, he’s traveled deep into the heart of America. But with his new Netflix special—a film of his intense, powerful one-man show on Broadway—Bruce Springsteen reveals that his bravest journey has been wrestling with his own mental health. | Esquire
  • Earning My Smile ~ I like a good cry. Takes a man to admit that, I think. Let me tell you about one that changed my life. Now, you may think you know my story already. Ian Wright didn’t turn professional until he was 21! He worked maintenance at a sugar factory! He spent a month in prison! | The Player’s Tribune
  • Finance européenne : qui sortira gagnant du Brexit ? ~ Dimanche 25 février, ont été signées les conditions du Brexit par Theresa May et les 27 autres dirigeants européens. Le 11 décembre, Theresa May doit faire accepter ce document de 600 pages à la Chambre des Communes avant que le Brexit ne prenne effet le 30 mars prochain.
  • I hereby confess judgement ~ How an obscure legal document turned New York’s court system into a debt-collection machine that’s chewing up small businesses across America. | Bloomberg
  • “I DON’T WANT TO SHOOT YOU, BROTHER” ~ A shocking story of police and lethal force. Just not the one you might expect. | Propublica
  • N.K. Jemisin Is Trying to Keep the World From Endingv ~ The most critically acclaimed author in contemporary science fiction and fantasy made history this year. Now she’s trying to make the future. | GQ
  • Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks’ Is 50, but It Never Ages ~ What is it about ‘Astral Weeks’ that inspires this kind of hallowed tone? And even more puzzlingly, why does it keep regenerating its own fan base? | The Ringer
  • Why do LPs sound so good? ~ The LP boom shows no signs of slowing, and no one really knows why. | CNET
  • Home Field Disadvantage ~ What will it take to get women’s baseball the recognition it deserves? | Longreads
  • Touring Flowbuilt, the First Custom Shoe Factory ~ And what it could mean for the future of footwear | Outside
  • Why we stopped trusting elites ~ The credibility of establishment figures has been demolished by technological change and political upheavals. But it’s too late to turn back the clock | The Guardian
  • AI thinks like a corporation—and that’s worrying ~ Artificial intelligence was born of organisational decision-making and state power; it needs human ethics, says Jonnie Penn of the University of Cambridge | The Economist
  • This Is the Way the Paper Crumples ~ In a ball of paper, scientists discover a landscape of surprising mathematical order. | The New York Times
  • ‘Magnus Carlsen Won the Chess World Championship Again, but Something Has Changed. ~ Two weeks ago, at a press conference in London, after Round Five of the twelve-round world chess championship, the two competitors, Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen, were asked to name their favorite chess players from the past. Caruana answered with Bobby Fischer, the brilliant American whose dynamic play unsettled Soviet dominance of the game, at the height of the Cold War. Carlsen gave a different answer: “Probably myself, like, three or four years ago,” he said. Carlsen at twenty-three, the moderator pressed? “Yeah, twenty-three,” Carlsen said, with a nod and a smile. | The New Yorker

Compiled, with love, by Emmeline Hobbs

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