The TRAPPIST-1 Edition

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Posted on February 24, 2017

Nasa discovers new solar system TRAPPIST-1 – where life may have evolved on three planets | The Telegraph

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Trappist | The New York Times

How to Draw an Exoplanet ~A pair of illustrators turned tiny blips in data into vivid views from the TRAPPIST-1 star system.

Light dawns ~Light travels at around 300,000 km per second. Why not faster? Why not slower? A new theory inches us closer to an answer | Aeon

‘I Liked None Of Them’: The Brutally Honest Anonymous Oscar Voters Are Back! | Jezebel

The greatest privacy threat of all: our connected devices | LinkedIn

The Slow Confiscation of Everything ~How to think about climate apocalypse | The Baffler

The Hunt for the Perfect Sugar ~When the history of sugar is written, 2016 may go down as the year its image turned. | Fortune

The man behind Moonlight | Buzzfeed

The Eye of the Beholder ~How Rorschach’s inkblots turned personality testing into an art | New Republic

Missing Richard Simmons Is Gripping. And Also Kinda Icky | Wired

How Kevin Durant Became Silicon Valley’s Hottest Start-up ~After a turbulent summer, the N.B.A.’s newest ‘villain’ is finding | The New York Times

peace and building an empire among the Bay Area’s techies.

Never Die ~Spencer Seabrooke wanted to break a slacklining record. The only problem was that if he failed, he’d die. | Victory Journal

Code Rouge ~Cracking the case of the counterfeit makeup | Bloomberg Business Week

Patrick Stewart Will Look Great Forever | GQ

This Man Is About to Blow Up Mathematics ~Harvey Friedman is about to bring incompleteness and infinity out of quarantine. | Nautilus

A Shockingly Gruesome History of Beauty Marks, Real and Fake ~In the 18th century, mouse fur was commonly made into facial patches. | Racked

The Future is not working ~As automation reduces the need for human labor, some Silicon Valley executives think a universal income will be the answer — and the beta test is happening in Kenya | The New York Times

Losing their grip: An oral history of Nintendo’s Power Glove | Mental Floss

‘What kind of a childhood is that?‘ ~After losing their parents to overdoses, three children confront America’s opioid epidemic | Washington Post

Our Lady of Strays ~the world’s greatest dog sanctuary is on a small farm in Costa Rica, where hundreds of canines run wild over the land—eating huge piles of food and slobbering happily on Lya Battle and her small band of dedicated volunteers. | Outside

The Bow-Tied Bard of Populism ~Tucker Carlson’s latest reinvention is guided by a simple principle—a staunch aversion to whatever his right-minded neighbors believe. | The Atlantic

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