The Solar Eclipse Edition

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Posted on August 25, 2017

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading the week of August 25, 2017.

The Solar Eclipse Is Here | CNN

With Eclipse 2017 Complete, Get Ready For Eclipse 2024 ~ Keen skywatchers may want to start preparing for North America’s next view of an eclipse | CBC

Joey Bada$$ Cancels 3 Shows After Staring Into The Eclipse ~ He cancelled shows due to “unforeseen circumstances” and hinted that his vision was to blame | Huffington Post

Trump’s Anti-Obama Eclipse Meme Doesn’t Make Scientific Sense | TIME

A Partial Eclipse Is Interesting; A Total Eclipse Is Mind-Blowing ~ Photos don’t do it justice – it’s perhaps the most spectacular natural phenomenon you’ll ever see | Scientific American

Samsung Chief Gets 5-Year Prison Term For Corruption ~ A South Korean court has found Lee Jae-Yong, the de facto chief of the sprawling Samsung business empire, guilty of bribery and other corruption charges | CNN

Housekeeper Hiss-Terical After Finding Escaped Pet Snake ~ Neighbour not amused as two-metre-long boa constrictor and iguana were on the lam this past weekend near Yonge and St. Clair. At least the snake has been found | Toronto Star

‘My Pipe Dream Finally Came True’: This Woman Won The Second-Largest Powerball Jackpot Ever | The Washington Post

Mayweather Versus McGregor: Who’s Worse? | The New Yorker

Don’t Let The Alt-Right’s Rebrand Fool You ~ Rejecting Neo-Nazism is part of the movement’s long game for mainstream legitimacy | The Walrus

Map Charts Toronto Area Home Prices By GO Station | BlogTO

EU Applications For UK Citizenship Up 80% Since Brexit ~ Nearly 30,000 EU nationals applied to become British citizens in the 12 months after last summer’s Brexit vote – almost double the number of the previous year | BBC

New App Makes It A Lot Tougher For Kids To Ignore Parents’ Text Messages | CTV News


Photo by Andrew Preble on Unsplash

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