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Posted on June 2, 2017

Inside Andrew Scheer’s Unlikely Triumph ~ How an under-the-radar MP from Regina overcame the high-profile distractions in a war for the soul of Canadian conservatism | Macleans

B.C. NDP Makes Deal With Green Party To Form Minority Government | Huffington Post

Michael Dubke Resigns As White House Communications Director | New York Times

‘Red Meat To The Base’: Trump Scores Points With Supporters By Rejecting Climate Deal ~ Trump says he was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris | CBC

Canada’s Place In An Unreliable World ~ As the old alliances falter, the time has come for Canadians to start looking out for ourselves | The Walrus

Minimum Wage In Canada: By The Numbers ~ Who pays what where and how it breaks down across the workforce | Macleans

Opioids: Beyond The Prescription Pad | Huffington Post

Why Citizenship Is Now A Commodity ~ As more people are willing to move countries for opportunity and stability, anti-immigration policies and tightened borders are prompting a rise in ‘citizenship for sale’ | BBC

All Jokes Aside, Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Tweet Sparks Questions Too | Los Angeles Times

How Congress Dismantled Federal Internet Privacy Rules | Washington Post

The Rising Toll Of The Global Avocado Craze ~ From late-night orchard heists to fears of ‘guacapalypse,’ our taste for the pale, green flesh is driving us to insane lengths | Macleans

Does Living In A City Make You Psychotic? ~ Scientists take a fresh look at how densely populated cities affect mental health | Scientific American

Crisis On Campus: Universities Struggle With Students In Distress | Montreal Gazette

Top 20 Percent Of Americans ‘Hoard The American Dream’ | NPR

A Gay Vulture Couple Hatched a Chick Together: ‘They Proved They Can’ | TIME

People Are Upset About $200k Cost Of Giant Rubber Duck | BlogTO

What Professional Hockey Players Can Teach You About Personal Branding | CBC

Digital Eye Strain Is Real — And You Probably Suffer From It | Huffington Post

Flooding On The Toronto Islands Is Terrible—But Also Weirdly Beautiful | Toronto Life

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