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Posted on November 18, 2016

How We Got To Post-Truth ~There’s never been so much to read and so many readers—and that’s part of a much larger problem for politics. | Fast Company

‘Post-truth’ declared word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries | BBC

Getting to grips with post-truth politics | The Guardian

Why We’re Post-Fact | Granta

Visiting your leg ~From morbid anatomy museums to modern consent forms, medicine wants ever more control over your body — and its parts | Aeon

Canadian Brewery Cuts a Retiree Perk: Free Beer for Life | The New York Times

Generation Snowflake? Not the millennials I know | Globe and Mail

Tim Robbins’s Prison Improv Classes Make Inmates Less Likely to Re-Offend | The Vindicated

The Barnacle Queens of the Spanish Seaside | Roads & Kingdoms

Michael Chabon Is An Underdog On Top Of The World | BuzzFeed

I Spent Four Years Trying to Get My Book Optioned for a Movie. All I Got Were Two Belgian Waffles. ~The first thing the producer said to me: ‘We’re gonna get you out of that studio apartment.’ |New Republic

When the Devil Enters ~A town plagued by mysterious fires turns to science, the church, and the law in a search for answers. | The Atavist Magazine

When Public Goes Private, as Trump Wants: What Happens? | The New York Review of Books

The Agony and the Angst: An Oral History of My So-Called Life | Elle

Paradise Lost ~Making a park isn’t as simple as drawing lines on a map. Jimmy Thomson on the politics, petroleum and polar bears that have shaped one Arctic conservation area thirty years in the making. | Maisonneuve

Will Jeff Sessions Roll Back Civil-Rights Protections? ~Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general has a record of hostility towards the federal government’s role in curtailing discrimination on the basis of race, sexuality, and immigration status. | The Atlantic

The Virtue of an Educated Voter ~The Founders believed that a well-informed electorate preserves our fragile democracy and benefits American society as a whole | American Scholar

What to Do With “Bloomed” Chocolate | Skillet

Notes Towards a Movement ~What’s a Classical Musician to do in Trump’s America? | VAN

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