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Posted on August 11, 2017

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading the week of August 11, 2017.

Will Streaming TV Get Crazy Expensive In The Future? ~ Disney will be pulling out of Netflix in 2019, which means you’ll have to subscribe to yet another service if you want to watch “Moana” | CNN

Netflix Canada Raises Price To $10.99 A Month ~ The company says it’s part of an effort to boost content | Huffington Post

Netflix Study Reveals What You Like To Watch Depending On The Time Of Day ~ | Huffington Post

Why Netflix Documentary What The Health Has Got Nutritional Advice Very, Very Wrong ~ Perhaps the most ridiculous claim the documentary makes occurs when the filmmakers equate eating an egg with smoking five cigarettes | National Post

Hearing Loss Of US Diplomats In Cuba Blamed On Covert Device | AP News

How Information Got Re-Invented ~ The story behind the birth of the information age | Nautilus

Snapchat’s Decline Works As A Boom For Instagram | CP24

President Trump Warns U.S. Is ‘Locked And Loaded’ | CTV News

Canada Orders Ships To Reduce Speed To Prevent Whale Deaths | Reuters

Coldplay Fans In Montreal Duped By Bogus Tickets; Police Investigate | Montreal Gazette

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall Retiring From Politics ~ Will stay on as premier until Saskatchewan Party chooses a new leader | CBC

Forget Car-Free Buildings. Bike-Only Condos Are Coming ~ More condo builders are coming up to speed in catering to this growing demand | Huffington Post

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