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Posted on August 18, 2017

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading the week of August 18, 2017.

Canada’s 10 NAFTA Demands: A List Of What Canada Wants As Talks Start This Week | CTV

Canada United, America Divided On NAFTA As Negotiations Begin ~ Differences between Democrats and Republicans could complicate trade talks | CBC

NAFTA Negotiators Get To Work In Quiet Contrast To The Political Noise Outside ~ Talks not big news in the U.S. with Trump not tweeting about them in a week | CBC

This Is Why Isis Attacked Barcelona ~ Despite a likely future increase in terrorist attacks, Isis risks a growing public disinterest and apathy towards its activities | The Independent

Trump’s Travel Ban Left Me Stranded. Toronto Took Me In ~ The tear-jerking tale of the Syrian doctor who was stuck in Turkey for six months, 5,000 miles away from his pregnant wife | Toronto Life

Like Taylor Swift, I Was Groped At Work. Men Must Wake Up To The Problem ~ Sexual assault at work is often seen as a women’s issue. But the only way to tackle the blame and discrimination it brings is if men speak out too | The Guardian

Canada’s Elite Athletes Are Smoking, Eating And Investing In Pot ~ Top performers enter tricky landscape with pending legalization of weed | CBC

How Expats Cope With Losing Their Identity ~ After years away on a foreign posting, coming ‘home’ can be overwhelming and isolating. Here’s how many people cope with fitting back in | BBC

Want To Rent An Apartment In Canada For Under $1,000? Forget It ~ Rental rates have risen in most Canadian cities over the past year | Huffington Post

A (Mostly) Complete Guide To The Toronto Locations That Showed Up On Orphan Black | Toronto Life

Trump’s Aides Tried To Conceal His Crazy, Racist Beliefs From The Country | NY Mag

Charlottesville Gives Tech Companies An Opportunity To Finally Take A Stand | NY Mag

Why You Should Put Down Your Cell Phone And Be Here Now | TED

White Nationalists Are Flocking To Genetic Ancestry Tests–With Surprising Results ~ Sometimes they find they are not as ‘white’ as they’d hoped | Scientific American


Photo by Jorge Alcala on Unsplash

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