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Posted on November 16, 2018

Hello, hello, good afternoon. Today marked the passing of William Goldman – screenwriter and author behind such gems as The Princess Bride and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Read all about his life in this edition of Navireads.  Plus, a fair few pieces on food (i.e. the curse of the honey crisp; milk(s); the sun noodle; sea gardens), the super mysterious “Havana Syndrome” and more. Merci. Adieu until next week!

William Goldman, Writer Behind ‘Butch Cassidy,’ ‘Princess Bride,’ Dies At 87 | NPR

Interview – Newman, Hoffman, Redford and me ~ He wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid but maintains that ‘nobody knows anything’ about movies, not least him. ‘I was programmed to fail,’ screenwriting legend William Goldman confesses to Joe Queenan (April 2009) | The Guardian

6 Reasons You Need To Read ‘The Princess Bride,’ Because There’s So Much More To The Story (Feb 2015) ~ Most people associate The Princess Bride with Rob Reiner’s popular 1987 film. What many fans of the cult hit don’t realize is that the movie is actually an adaptation of a novel published by William Goldman in 1973, and that this novel is pretty much the best book of all time, for ever and ever, amen.  | Bustle

The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome ~ Unexplained brain injuries afflicted dozens of American diplomats and spies. What happened? | The New Yorker

La mer comme potager ~ Kombu royal, wakamé, petit goémon, nori et laitue de mer… Les algues québécoises partent à la conquête de nos assiettes. Bienvenue dans le monde des légumes marins ! | L’actualité

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Old Age’ Anymore ~ There are so many older adults in Florida that they’ve created their own city. The Villages, located smack in the center of the state, has a population of 157,000 people. | Time

Love Letters From the Battlefield ~ How words kept my grandparents connected during the Second World War | The Walrus

Le kilo nouveau est arrivé ~ Les pays du monde ont adopté vendredi de nouvelles définitions pour le kilogramme et d’autres unités de mesure importantes. | Le Devoir

‘Remarkable’ decline in fertility rates ~ There has been a remarkable global decline in the number of children women are having, say researchers. Their report found fertility rate falls meant nearly half of countries were now facing a “baby bust” – meaning there are insufficient children to maintain their population size. | BBC

WELCOME TO AIRSPACE ~ How Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world | The Verge

How we fell out of love with milk ~ Soya, almond, oat… Whether for health issues, animal welfare or the future of the planet, ‘alt-milks’ have never been more popular. Are we approaching dairy’s final days? | The Guardian

The Curse of the Honeycrisp Apple ~ Everyone’s favorite apple is leaving Northeastern orchards out on a limb. | Bloomberg

How (And Why) to Build Some Boredom Back Into Your Life ~ Believe it or not, sometimes not doing anything at all is the most productive thing you can do. | GQ

How Dad’s Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring ~ Mouse studies show tiny intercellular pods convey to sperm a legacy of a father’s hard knocks in life | Scientific American

Vacation is a poor substitute for leisure ~ More than two thousand years ago, the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca wrote a letter to his friend Paulinus, urging against a certain type of rest: I do not summon you to slothful or idle inaction, or to drown all your native energy in slumbers and the pleasures that are dear to the crowd. That is not to rest; | Quartz at Work

Three Feet From God: An Oral History of Nirvana ‘Unplugged’ ~ Twenty-five years after the historic performance that became the band’s best-selling final album, we talked to producers, directors, musicians, and fans present for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s greatest performance | The Ringer

Le spectre du techno-populisme ~ Longue et trouble est l’histoire du techno-populisme, cet art de multiplier les promesses creuses au nom du pouvoir tellurique de la disruption numérique. Nous connaissons cependant la date précise de sa consécration : 2006, l’année où le magazine Time « Vous » a élu comme personnalité de l’année, en hommage aux millions d’anonymes qui alimentent l’Internet des années 2000. Un choix qui a profondément inscrit ces thèmes dans l’inconscient collectif. | Le Monde Diplomatique

Inside Sun Noodle, the Secret Weapon of America’s Best Ramen Shops ~ there were only about three or four ramen shops on Oahu when Hidehito Uki founded Sun Noodle in 1981. Ramen in America was pretty much just a cup of noodles you cooked in the microwave. Uki — who came to Hawaii from Japan to make and sell fresh ramen noodles — wondered how he could ever be successful. | Eater

Deployment to Iraq changed my view of God, country and humankind. So did coming home. ~ It started in the middle of the night. The U.S. Army surrounded the buildings, established perimeters and posted heavy weaponry at key positions, dividing the space around their targets into neat, geometric kill zones. But their targets were not terrorist hideouts—they were family homes. And so, instead of kicking down doors or blasting out locks with shotgun rounds, they knocked. | American Magazine

A Day in the Life of a Mountain-Bike Trail Builder ~ Building some of the country’s best trails isn’t just about crafting flowing ribbons of singletrack. It’s also about navigating miles of red tape. | Outside

This Is What Wrongful Conviction Does to a Family ~ What happens after you discover everything the criminal justice system had led you to believe was a lie? | Politico

Pourquoi la douleur n’est pas ressentie de la même façon par tout le monde ~ Expliquer pourquoi certaines personnes sont plus sensibles à la douleur que d’autres permettrait de mettre au point des traitements personnalisés beaucoup plus efficaces. | Slate

Compiled, with love, by Emmeline Hobbs

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