Navireads | The Midtermania Edition

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Posted on November 9, 2018

Bonjour, bonjour! The midterms are over, but is it just the beginning? 2020 isn’t so far away. From Beto to polling, we include a few of the most intriguing stories related to the U.S. midterms from the past week. Plus, Vulture defends mediocre music biopics, jalopnik takes on autonomous vehicles at Disney, the Washington Post talks about microbiomes, The Verge dishes on Tesla, and Big Think talks the number 137.

[Side note: Did anyone hear about this Oumuamual business? Are you skeptical or a believer? I’ll be sure to post the results of my SUPER unscientific poll next week…is anybody out there?]

Compiled, with love, by Emmeline Hobbs

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