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Posted on May 26, 2017

Fact Check: Manchester Bombing Rumors And Hoaxes | The New York Times

How US Intelligence Leaks Upset Two Allies In One Week | CNN

Mexico And Canada Say NAFTA Talks With U.S. Should Be Trilateral ~ Three bilateral agreements among countries would be impractical and lost opportunity | The Wall Street Journal

I’m Asking All Conservatives For One Thing, Unity | The Huffington Post

Varcoe: OPEC Deal Sets Stage For Continued Alberta Recovery | The Calgary Herald

How To End A Life ~ A year since assisted suicide became legal, only a small number of physicians are willing to perform the procedure, and their numbers are shrinking. Taking a life is harder than they thought | Toronto Life

From The Archives: The Construction Life — Sweat, Danger And Limited Options | The Montreal Gazette

What The Media Can Learn From Professional Wrestling ~ There’s a difference between news and “news entertainment” | National Review

Why Star Wars Should Have Stopped At Just One Film ~ All subsequent films undermined the stunning original, which teased viewers’ imaginations by not answering everything | BBC

College Freshmen Are Less Religious Than Ever ~ Data from a nationwide survey shows students who list their affiliation as “none” has skyrocketed | Scientific American

Aleppo After The Fall ~ As the Syrian civil war turns in favor of the regime,
a nation adjusts to a new reality — and a complicated new picture of the conflict emerges | The New York Times

The Ultimate Toronto Food Fest 2017 Guide ~ Summer is almost here, which means summer festivals are in full swing | The Huffington Post

Canadian Connection: Drake Meets Celine Dion At Billboards | CTV News

Should The Police Control Their Own Body Camera Footage? | NPR: National Public Radio

The Hidden Sexism Of How We Think About Risk ~ If men take more risks than women, it’s not because of biology | Nautilus

Your Data Is Way More Exposed Than You Realize ~ To get a handle on your online privacy, first understand how much of your data is already out there, and how it can be weaponized | The Wall Street Journal

Free Booze: The Work Perk No-One Asked For ~ Companies hope to attract staff by installing prosecco taps and beer fridges in the office – but they may be missing the mark | BBC

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