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Posted on December 15, 2016

This AI’s attempt to write a Christmas carol is absolutely bone-chilling | AV Club

How this factory—Canada’s only candy cane producer—makes one million candy canes a day | Toronto Life

The World in Ten Blocks ~An interactive documentary by Lost Time Media that explores the diversity of Toronto’s Bloorcourt neighbourhood through the stories of its immigrant small business owners. | The Globe and Mail

The Year in Weird, Delicious Bread ~2016 was a hard year, but the carbs were fantastic | Saveur

The Best Songs of 2016 | Fader

A Millennial Private Eye on ‘Search Party’ ~The shrewd dark comedy, starring Alia Shawkat, basically invents a new genre: the noir sitcom. | The New Yorker

The David Foster Wallace Disease ~It’s funny, knowing that, if I were living in one of my favourite minds, I might want to turn it off.| Hazlitt

Here’s how Canadian news media created a ‘Trump of the North’ | The Washington Post

Why vitamin pills don’t work, and may be bad for you ~We dose up on antioxidants as if they are the elixir of life. At best, they are probably ineffective. At worse, they may just send you to an early grave. | BBC

For the Good of the Country ~I joined the conservative party to pick its next leader. You should, too | The Walrus

Every Year the Tree ~During a chaotic coming-of-age, a Christmas tree was a symbol of hope and love. | Lenny

Latin America’s Schindler: a forgotten hero of the 20th century ~Under General Pinochet’s rule of terror in Chile, one man saved thousands of people from the dictator’s brutal secret police. How did Roberto Kozak do it — and escape death? | The Guardian

My grandparents survived the Cultural Revolution: have I inherited their trauma? ~Shayla Love’s mother and grandparents lived through China’s Cultural Revolution — now she wants to know what biological traces of their trauma she carries within her today. | Mosaic Science

My President was Black ~A history of the first African American White House—and of what came next | The Atlantic

I Don’t Read The News Anymore, And It’s Great ~The only thing I know is how happy I am. | The Awl

Facebook: We’ll start flagging fake news | Politico

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