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Posted on January 20, 2017

Obama’s Perfect Answer to a Reporter’s Final Question | Vanity Fair

Ep. 108 – President Barack Obama | CNN ~The Ax Files

Let’s Spend a Few Minutes with This Photo of Donald Trump, Shall We | Vice

Joe Biden: ‘I Wish to Hell I’d Just Kept Saying the Exact Same Thing’ ~The vice president looks back — and forward. | The New York Times Magazine

New President, New World | American Conservative

A Role Model Leaves the White House ~Forget politics. Forget race. Forget partisanship. Barack Obama taught us how to be better human beings | The Walrus

HPRgument: Obama’s Farewell | Harvard Political Review

Preserve, Protect, and Defend | The New Yorker

‘America First’: Donald Trump’s Populist Inaugural Address ~The new president borrowed from the bleak, fiery tone of his presidential campaign, but said his election represented the ascension of the people over politicians in Washington. | The Atlantic

4 Recent Examples Show Why No One Trusts Media Coverage Of Trump | The Federalist

‘It can’t end like this’: After almost three years, officials end search for MH370 | Globe and Mail

Just Enough Money to Pay For Our Eyelashes: The New San Francisco Drag ~As artists are pushed out by skyrocketing rent, the city’s drag culture is threatened. | Hazlitt

Brian Lipsin Is Kingston, Ontario’s Anarchist Record Shop Owner | Noisey

The market decides if we are free | Africa is a Country a fun way to watch YouTube videos almost no one has seen | Boing Boing

Trump could cause ‘the death of think tanks as we know them’ | The Washington Post

Bernie Sanders Reviews the Balenciaga Men’s Collection | NY Magazine

The True Story of the Fugitive Drug Smuggler Who Became an Environmental Hero | Outside

Step Inside the World’s Greatest Old Timey Sweets Shop ~Economy Candy on New York’s Lower East Side has barely changed since it opened in 1937, and it sells nearly every candy you can imagine | Saveur

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