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Posted on November 2, 2018

Hello, bonjour! Happy Friday. Good for you Saskatchewan, Madagascar, Peru, Hawaii, Arizona, etc etc etc for taking a stand –  you won’t be changing your clocks this weekend. For the rest of us, we get an extra hour of sleep (or not) in exchange for a much darker morning. So PSA – it is daylight saving time this weekend (for most of us). Get ready to fall back.

This week, my favourite story is about dwarsliggers — tiny, pocket-size, horizontal flipbacks that may revolutionize how we read books. And, as someone who remains dedicated to the physical book, I love this idea. Plus, industry trends in podcasting, marathon cheaters, passwords, an oral history of Britney’s “…Baby One More Time,” and the vast wealth of Keith Chapman – who? He invented “Paw Patrol” (be there on the double).

Compiled, with love, by Emmeline Hobbs

Knowledge and Learning Officer

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