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Posted on August 3, 2017

Navireads is a weekly digest of some of the best stories we found on the web. Here’s what we were reading the week of August 3, 2017.

In Urban China, Cash Is Rapidly Becoming Obsolete | The New York Times

PayPal Made Digital Money Cards To Send To Your Friends ~ They’ll be available throughout August | Engadget

More Canadians Living Alone And Without Children, Census Figures Show ~ Childless couples and empty-nesters growing at faster rate than couples living with kids, 2016 census shows | CBC

‘The Super Bowl Of Boxing’: How Vegas Made Mayweather-McGregor Odds | ESPN

Toronto Home Sales Drop 40% Compared To A Year Ago ~ The drop was led by the detached home market both in City of Toronto and the surrounding areas| Huffington Post

Scaramucci’s 250 Hours Of Drama As Trump’s Communications Chief | CNN

Refugees In Quebec: Unmarked Ditch Is Now A Reception Centre ~ The scene greeting asylum seekers at a popular illegal border crossing point in Quebec on Thursday was vastly changed from that of a few months earlier | Montreal Gazette

Talking To Yourself (Out Loud) Can Help You Learn | Harvard Business Review

Vacation Systems Are Broken — Here’s The Fix: Pasricha ~ The Sagmeister principle – giving employees mandatory time off and incentivizing disconnecting from all workplace communications – could help foster better creativity | Toronto Star

Earth To Warm 2 Degrees By The End Of This Century, Studies Say | CNN

You Asked: Is Social Media Making Me Miserable? | TIME

How Canada Became An Education Superpower | BBC

Can Police Help Solve the Opioid Epidemic? ~ In the US, some police departments are sending people with addiction to rehab rather than arresting them. But it could be doing more harm than good | The Walrus


Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash

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