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Posted on April 21, 2017

The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles ~It’s a category that used to begin and end with the bone-dry pot brownie, served in a college dorm room. Laurie Wolf is a leader in its gourmet revolution. | The New Yorker

The origins of 4/20, marijuana’s high holiday, explained ~Here’s a look at the holiday’s history | Toronto Star

Here’s How April 20 Became the 420 of Global Cannabis Significance ~What was once code for some Northern California high school stoners is now global shorthand for celebrating marijuana’s growing acceptance. | Entrepeneur

Watch Rachael Leigh Cook Remake ‘Brain on Drugs’ Ad for 4/20 ~Actress tweaks frying pan, egg motif into critique of failed war on drugs | Rolling Stone

Margaret Atwood and Elisabeth Moss on the Urgency of The Handmaid’s Tale | Time

Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic ~A mysterious kidney disease is striking down labourers across the world and climate change is making it worse. Jane Palmer meets the doctors who are trying to understand it and stop it. | Mosaic Science

Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria ~’Somewhere at Google there is a database containing 25 million books and nobody is allowed to read them.’ | The Atlantic

Disney’s Intergalactic Theme Park Quest to Beat Harry Potter ~Can Avatar and Star Wars attractions steal back the magic from Universal’s wizardly worlds? | Bloomberg

The ‘Girls’ Finale is a Financial Fantasy ~The writing career capable of supporting single motherhood isn’t Hannah Horvath’s — it’s Lena Dunham’s. | The Billfold

The Fourteen Who Forgot | Buzzfeed News

Computer Moves ~How intelligent machines can teach us the necessary skill of losing | Real Life

The Heart of Whiteness ~Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black | The Stranger

Steve Kerr Is the King of Cool: Drama x Joy x Defeat = Destiny on Repeat | B/R Mag

What young Tories really think about their leadership candidates ~Ahead of the leadership vote this May, Chatelaine asked millennial Tories to dish on the controversial personalities and hot-button issues shaping the race | Maclean’s

How Marine Le Pen played the media ~For years, she has accused French journalists of bias against her family and her party. Yet Marine Le Pen has managed to lead the far-right Front National into the political mainstream — and she couldn’t have done it without the press | The Guardian

How to save the world’s most trafficked mammal ~Many people in the West have never even heard of the pangolin, yet this ‘scaly anteater’ is the source of a billion-dollar criminal industry that threatens to push it to extinction. BBC Future met a team of Hong Kong’s ecologists and activists trying to save these creatures from extinction. | BBC

Is American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point? | The New York Times

How ‘Survivor’ and CBS Prepared for Outrage at Transgender Contestant’s Outing | New York Times

The Top 25 Food Moments From ‘Seinfeld’ ~From Junior Mints to Kenny Rogers Roasters, here are the best food scenes on the show | Eater

The Trouble With Innocence ~For almost forty years, Kerry Max Cook did everything to clear his name after being convicted of a horrifying murder in Tyler. So when he was finally exonerated, why did he ask for his conviction back? | Texas Monthly

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