The “It’s Almost Over!” Edition

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Posted on November 4, 2016

Blood is Thicker Than Water: The Role of Ivanka and Chelsea in the 2016 Election ~Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both facing severe deficits of likability and trustworthiness, have heavily used their daughters on the campaign trail. | Harvard Political Review

The end of meat? Economics, the environment and changing tastes have top protein feeling the heat | Financial Post

Buck to the future ~He’s a forgotten hippie idol, a sage of 1960s counterculture. What can we learn from Bucky Fuller’s faith in technology? | Aeon

Ranch dressing is what’s wrong with America ~Fancy restaurants need to stop experimenting with this revolting milk-rot. | The Washington Post

Elena Ferrate ~in a manner of speaking | The Gentlewoman

Samantha Bee, America’s New Comedian-in-Chief | The New Yorker

When Bathurst was Blackhurst: the Black history of Mirvish Village ~When news broke that Honest Ed’s would be demolished to make way for a redevelopment and condos, stories focused on the iconic store. But Bloor and Bathurst has another, vital history | TVO

Louis C.K., Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, and the rise of benevolent sexism in liberal men; Vox

McMansion Hell: The Devil is in the Details | 99% Invisible

The ultimate U.S. election quiz: Test your memory of an unforgettably weird presidential campaign | The Globe and Mail

How Sarma Melngailis, Queen of Vegan Cuisine, Became a Runaway Fugitive ~With customers such as Chelsea Clinton and Alec Baldwin, the Pure Food and Wine owner was a food-world star. Then, in 2011, she met Anthony Strangis. Now facing prison for grand larceny and fraud, Melngailis says her collapse was due to a spell he cast. | Vanity Fair

California Dreaming ~The irresistible allure of Jessica Koslow’s Sqirl, the restaurant at the center of New York’s undying, sun-soaked fantasy of Los Angeles | Eater

The Holiday Lunch | Medium

The Modest Magnificence of Jeff Nichols’s ‘Loving’ ~The ‘Mud’ director resists all the worst traps of the “based on a true story” prestige drama. | Flavorwire

How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With? | Life Hacker

How the truth set Snopes free | Webby Awards






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