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Posted on April 28, 2017

We Live in the Reproductive Dystopia of “The Handmaid’s Tale” | The New Yorker

One Sly Lesson of The Handmaid’s Tale: Appreciate the Messy Feminism We Have Now | Slate

The Handmaid’s Tale: How a 30-Year-Old Story Became 2017’s Most Vital Series | Vanity Fair

Next List 2017 20 Tech Visionaries Who Are Creating the Future | Wired

Why Canada’s Trump Called it Quits ~ Kevin O’Leary’s US-style zingers went off like wet firecrackers in a country where people let one another finish their sentences—in English and French | The Walrus

The Living Disappeared ~ During Argentina’s military dictatorship, some 500 babies were born in secret torture centers or kidnapped. A group of grandmothers spent the next four decades searching for them, becoming activists, then icons. But hundreds remained missing. One of them was named Martín. | California Sunday Magazine

Are We Having Too Much Fun? ~ In 1985, Neil Postman observed an America imprisoned by its own need for amusement. He was, it turns out, extremely prescient. | The Atlantic

Why the escalator etiquette of ‘stand right, walk left’ is wrong ~ Whether riding escalators or merging traffic, people feel they know what’s fair—and it’s messing with the work of transit operators and traffic planners | Macleans

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future | Wait but Why

Are We Really Surprised That Trump Finds the Presidency a Drag? | Vogue

Navigating Vienna’s Imperial Past — Through Pastries | New York Times

Silicon Valley Murder Mystery: How Drugs and Paranoia Doomed Silk Road | Vanity Fair

The Struggles of Writing About Chinese Food as a Chinese Person | Munchies (Vice)

Why we need to start listening to insects ~ You may not think of the buzz and whine of insects as musical, but the distinctive pitch of mosquito wingbeats could tell us how to fight malaria. Daniel A Gross meets the researchers who are pricking up their ears. | Mosaic Science

The Rise of the Mean Moms ~ Getting picked on by the popular girl is supposed to end at graduation, but at mommy-meet-ups across the country, women have stopped playing nice. examines what happens when mean girls grow up. | Marie Claire

Has Anne of Green Gables ‘gone Hollywood’? ~ ‘It looks like they’re trying to make her look more glamorous or prettier or something’ | CBC

The Other Side of Anne of Green Gables ~ A new Netflix series aims to explore the trauma behind the heroine. Is there a risk to rewriting a beloved book? | The New York Times Magazine

How I lost my mother, found my family, recovered my identity |  Saskatoon Star

What happened to Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam? ~ How the story of a New York judge’s death was botched. | The Outline

The Vast, Mysterious Empire of Comme des Garçons ~ Rei Kawakubo’s fashion house is full of plenty of shopper-friendly brands. | Racked

6 Secrets Infants Can Teach Adults about Learning ~ One of the most important: it’s good to learn new skills outside of your comfort zone | Scientific American

Rod Dreher’s Monastic Vision ~ An orthodox Christian says his side has lost the culture wars—and argues for a “strategic retreat.” | The New Yorker

Before unicorn frappuccinos, there was unicorn toast | Marketplace

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