Green Pools and Phelps Face Edition

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Posted on August 12, 2016

Simone Biles Becomes the Greatest Gymnast of All Time | The New Yorker

The Duo That Dominates Dressage ~How an outsider athlete and her once unruly horse created a new standard in the ‘lite equestrian sport | The New Yorker

The Wrong Track ~A Canadian medallist on why our Olympic strategy betrays the spirit of the Games | The Walrus

Beach volleyball’s never-ending joust over bikini uniforms ~’If the uniform was so great and enhanced your ability to move, then males would be wearing speedos. But they’re not’ | Maclean’s

Grandparents or parents? ~Coverage of Simone Biles shows that we still don’t know how to talk about adoption. A commentator said Biles’s parents were “NOT her parents;” Twitter revealed that adoption is still cloaked in shame | Salon

How Olympics announcers talk about athletes, based on their age | Fusion

Architect Simon Astridge on creating homes with an emphasis on everyday experience | freunde von freunden

The race to save a dying language ~The discovery of Hawaii Sign Language in 2013 amazed linguists. But as the number of users dwindles, can it survive the twin threats of globalisation and a rift in the community? | The Guardian

Cyberchondria: D.I.Y. Diagnosis in Overdrive ~In researching his chronic headache on the web, veteran journalist Barry Newman takes a terrifying walk down the Via Dolorosa of digital self-diagnosis | Long Reads

Is America Any Safer? ~The United States has spent more than $1 trillion since 9/11 to protect our country and respond to acts of terrorism. Brill examines what we’ve done right, where we’ve gone wrong, and the number of security gaps we still need to fill. | The Atlantic

‘A Honeypot For Assholes’: Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment ~For nearly its entire existence, Twitter has not just tolerated abuse and hate speech, it’s virtually been optimized to accommodate it. With public backlash at an all-time high and growth stagnating, what is the platform that declared itself ‘the free speech wing of the free speech party’ to do? BuzzFeed News talks to the people who’ve been trying to figure this out for a decade | Buzzfeed

The Devil Is Loose. ~Drownings, shootings, high-speed accidents, immigrants in labor — the life of a border paramedic | California Sunday

The Secrets of the Wood Wide Web ~In London’s Epping Forest, a scientist named Merlin eavesdrops on trees’ underground conversations.

This Man Makes The World’s Tiniest Modern Living Rooms ~For Michael Yurkovic, a maker of miniature modern design, size matters. | Fast Company Design

Rise and Scam ~Joanne the Scammer lives for drama. Branden Miller is just trying to live. | Fader

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