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Posted on October 6, 2016

For Canadians, Thanksgiving Is a ‘Quieter’ Affair in October | New York Times

The Macaroni in ‘Yankee Doodle’ is Not What You Think ~Meet the stylish gender-role rebels of 1770s England. | Atlas Obscura

Solving Climate Change With Beer From Patagonia’s Food Startup <

The Grave Shift ~Shadowing Mexico City’s nocturnal crime reporters | The Tower

The Team of Men Behind Rachel Brewson, the Fake Woman Whose Trump-Fueled Breakup Went Viral | Jezebel

The cobalt pipeline ~Tracing the path from deadly hand-dug mines in Congo to consumers’ phones and laptops | The Washington Post

I Covered The Braves For A Newspaper That Didn’t Exist | Deadspin

The race to save a dying language ~The discovery of Hawaii Sign Language in 2013 amazed linguists. But as the number of users dwindles, can it survive the twin threats of globalisation and a rift in the community?

Irrigation Nation ~How an esoteric piece of farm equipment created America’s breadbasket—and threatens to destroy it. | Medium

How Massive Cuts Have Remade The Denver Post ~Journalists at the state’s largest newspaper once wondered how much more they’d have to endure. Now they’re finding out. | 5280

The Perils of ‘Sharenting’ ~All those Facebook photos are cute—but how are they affecting the kids? | The Atlantic

Hunger Makes Me ~A man’s appetite can be hearty, but a woman with an appetite—for food, for sex, for simple attention—is always voracious: she always overreaches, because it is not supposed to exist.

What the cleaner saw: secrets of strangers’ apartments ~When I took a job cleaning New York apartments, I had no idea what I would find out about my clients | The Guardian

Secret Reserves ~In a Land as Exceptional for Its Fragile and Fiercely Guarded Biodiversity as for Its Dwindling Population of Guardians, the Indigenous S’para Are First in Line for a New Form of Extinction. And They Are Staking the Only Thing They Have Left Against It’their Afterlife. | The Believer

Rise Up ~Alexander Bedward’s mythical powers of flight. | The Paris Review

“The digital age given young people unprecedented influence’ ~21 year-old Helena founder Henry Elkus has built a one-of-a-kind organization of world leaders aimed towards significant global change. Yet half of his members are under 25 years old. Elkus spoke to Alexander G’rlach on power in the 21st century and the youth’s burden to address the critical global issues of our time. | The European

How Howard Stern Owned Donald Trump ~The Donald fancied himself a player in the ’90s, but the shock jock knew just how to play him. Now that’s back to haunt the candidate. | Politico


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