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Posted on April 7, 2017

No yolk: Cadbury and National Trust say Easter egg row is nonsense | The Guardian

Easter egg row: Church of England accuses National Trust of ‘airbrushing’ religion out of children’s egg hunt | The Telegraph

Theresa May and the Great British Easter Egg Meltdown ~The prime minister and the Church of England were not happy that the National Trust had removed the word ‘Easter’ from their Cadbury egg hunts. Very British outrage ensued. | The Daily Beast

How S-Town is upending the art of podcasting (warning! Contains spoilers) | The Week

Cooking Lessons ~Disillusioned with fine dining, one of the world’s great chefs took on fast food. It has been harder than he ever imagined. | California Sunday Magazine

The Sublime Joy of a Don Rickles Insult ~Remembering the comedy legend, who died Thursday | The Ringer

2 Survivors of Canada’s First Quintuplet Clan Reluctantly Re-emerge | New York Times

Death of a Dystopian ~Alt-right conspiracy theorists think that the government killed the aspiring Libertarian filmmaker David Crowley. The truth is far stranger. | The New Yorker

Don Rickles Knew How to Cut People and Leave Them Smiling | Slate

Dressing Like Ladies ~Clothes are an evolving expression of the selves we want the world to see—that’s what makes them so powerful. But, as women, it’s worth asking: who are we wearing them for? | Hazlitt

Tom Perriello Is Not Bernie Sanders ~Can a wonkier populism win? | Five Thirty Eight

The Starbucks Barista Who Wants You to Know There Is No Secret Menu | New York Magazine

Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs ~The South’s manufacturing renaissance comes with a heavy price. | Bloomberg

The Case Against Eating Fish ~As a biologist, I know what can happen to seafood before it ends up on our plates. That’s why it’s not on mine | The Walrus

The Myth of Liberal Policing ~For liberals, police reform is always a question of helping police sustain their legitimacy, despite their illegitimate roots | The New Inquiry

Is Fat Killing You, or Is Sugar? ~What we do and don’t know about dietary science. | The New Yorker

Is Matter Conscious? ~Why the central problem in neuroscience is mirrored in physics. | Nautilus

How Clown Pants Saved My Life | GQ

Tucker Carlson’s Fighting Words ~On Fox News, an unlikely star thrives in the tumult of Trump-era politics. | The New Yorker

The Patriarchy Hates the Moon ~They even tried to nuke it. | The Atlantic

CNN Had a Problem. Donald Trump Solved It. ~Inside the strange symbiosis between Jeff Zucker and the president he helped create. | New York Times Magazine

The Barn Job ~Those rustic old barns you love? If they’re going to survive, then they need a coat of paint. | Popular Mechanics

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