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Posted on December 22, 2016

The Four-Letter Code to Selling Just About Anything ~What makes things cool? | The Atlantic

Did Jane Jacobs Predict the Rise of Trump? ~Ever prescient, her final book outlined a coming dark age—and how to get through it. | City Lab (The Atlantic)

Behind the scenes of Shomi’s shutdown: Is this the next stage of Hollywood North? | Mobile Syrup

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy: Addiction Is A Chronic Brain Disease, Not A Moral Failing ~The way forward includes needle exchanges and calling addiction what it is: a medical condition. | Huffington Post

The Year in Pictures 2016 | The New York Times

Guilty Memories from an Anglo Montreal Childhood ~Like many English speakers growing up in Quebec, I saw myself as a victim. But within our own enclaves, we often acted like bigots | The Walrus

Christmas on a Slider ~Finding — and losing — holiday magic in the annual family dinner at White Castle | Eater

Unclaimed ~Two countries, thousands of families, and a 16-year quest to identify a silent man in a bed | California Sunday

Chain Reaction ~What does it take to puncture cycling’s insular bro culture? Andrea Bennett speaks with the women mechanics inciting change in her community. | Maisonneuve

How to make sense of 2016 ~Liberals lost most of the arguments this year. They should not feel defeated so much as invigorated | The Economist

Why time management is ruining our lives ~All of our efforts to be more productive backfire — and only make us feel even busier and more stressed | The Guardian

Come to Me ~A change of season, but no plan or guide, by star, riddle, or hint. | Guernica

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