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Posted on September 30, 2016

In Toronto, Looking to the Future in an Abandoned Park | NYT

(the traveler’s world | <The New York Times first wrote about Ontario Place in the 1971; here's the piece!)

My Son, the Prince of Fashion ~I took my son to Paris Fashion Week, and all I got was a profound understanding of who he is, what he wants to do with his life, and how it feels to watch a grown man stride down a runway wearing shaggy yellow Muppet pants. | Michael Chabon for GQ

The single worst thing Trump could have done: Boasting he pays no income tax ~He fell right into the trap Clinton set – and offended honest American taxpayers. Game, set, match | The Globe and Mail

Neighbour vs. Neighbour ~Cranky empty nesters, party-loving hipsters and screaming babies are living cheek by jowl in downtown condo towers. How the vertical city became a generational combat zone | Toronto Star

Venture Capitalist Proposes Brave New Solution for Ending Sexism: Don’t Tell Anyone You’re a Woman ~Having women pretend to be men won’t fix the problems of a systematically sexist industry. | Vanity Fair

Japanese retailer Uniqlo dips its toes in Canada’s cutthroat retail sector | CBC

Shimon Peres ‘did not stop dreaming,’ Obama says at funeral ~Friday’s funeral was Israel’s largest gathering of international dignitaries since the funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. | Toronto Star

‘Great again’? Munk Debate to put Trump’s words and America’s choice to the test | The Globe and Mail

Some Like It Bot ~Algorithms are getting better at entertaining us. | Five Thirty Eight

Twilight for the Sawfish ~In West Africa, the sawfish was once a source of cultural pride and power. What happens to traditional African cultures as it disappears? | Hakai Magazine

A theory of creepiness ~A bear chasing you is simply scary but a guy with a big mouse’s head can give you the creeps. What’s the difference? | Aeon

Dispatches from the Rap Wars ~My 18 months inside one of Chicago’s most notorious gangs | Chicago Magazine

Body Cameras Are Betraying Their Promise ~They’re not transparent. They’re not independent. They’re not even turned on when they should be. | The Atlantic

Kate McKinnon on Analyzing Hillary Clinton, the Genius of Zach Galifianakis, and Dirty Furniture | Vulture

The App that puts you to sleep | California Sunday Magazine

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