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Jaime Watt Navigator Ltd.
Executive Chairman
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Posted on June 6, 2018

IF THERE IS ONE THING we have all learned through the remarkable events of the past several months, it’s the importance of social lenses. Inevitably, different people look at the same social situation and understand it in different ways.

This has created an environment where the threat of moral jeopardy hangs over individuals and organizations in every sector. The shift in values and expectations is playing out in everything from a heightened focus on sexual politics in the workplace to social media and privacy to corporate governance and reporting.

The nature of our work as communicators puts Navigator in the front lines when it comes to the adjustment required to cope with rapid societal change. To underscore the power of the social lens, we’ve attached a pair of 3D glasses to this edition of Perspectives. On every page, you will find an image or an icon that reinforces our editorial focus on the rise of moral jeopardy and
its growing impact.

That concept – and the overall design of Perspectives—showcases the creativity and talent
of Navigator’s in-house digital and design squad, Pinpoint.

We created Pinpoint to ensure Navigator’s clients have access to some of the best and brightest in the business when it comes to the all-important craft of multi-platform message delivery. In an age of social media and short attention spans, it’s essential to use powerful images—on everything from website to campaign collateral—to drive home the message.

We believe this edition Perspectives does just that. And
we hope you enjoy it.

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