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Blue Ribbon Panel Releases Final Recommendations


Overview On September 3, 2019, the Blue Ribbon Panel on Alberta's Finances released their final report on Alberta's financial situation along with 26 recommendations divided into nine sections. The complete version of the report can be found here. Many of the recommendations strive to reach similar outcomes or measures of comparable provinces such as British Columbia and Ontario. The Panel's recommendations are as...


Alberta Post-election study: What Albertans want from their New Premier


CALGARY, AB – April 25/19 – Navigator Ltd. conducted a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews with voters from across the province revealing Albertans want Kenney to act quickly and aggressively against the federal government, other provincial jurisdictions and anyone else standing in the way of the pipeline being built. Ultimately they saw the vote as a referendum on two very different tactics to build the pipelines - Rachel...


United Conservative Party Wins Majority in Alberta


Overview Yesterday, Albertans went to the polls demanding change and that is exactly what they got. The United Conservative Party and its leader Jason Kenney won 63 of 87 seats and will form a majority government for the next four years. The NDP will form the Official Opposition with 24 seats. No other parties won seats in the election. Navigator will be heading into the field today to conduct a series of focus groups across the province....

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The Parties

The Parties

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